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Z6 Ziemer Laser

Southern Kentucky Eye Center features the newest and most advanced Ziemer femtosecond laser available for our Somerset and Southern Kentucky patients, the Z6 LDV. The German engineered Z6 Ziemer laser means our patients have access to the newest generation of femtosecond laser. The Z6 requires less pulse energy than other lasers to create the initial corneal flap necessary in LASIK and the initial incision in a laser-assisted cataract procedure. This can lead to quick visual recovery and typically means no or very minimal inflammation following a procedure.

Watch the Ziemer video below to learn more about the unique benefits and distinct design approach of the Z6 Ziemer laser.


Ziemer lasers are used by select ophthalmologists worldwide. The largest LASIK center in the world, Shigawa LASIK, located in the high technology cities of Tokyo and Singapore, has chosen Ziemer as their #1 choice of femtosecond lasers. CEO Frank Ziemer called the Z6 a “quantum leap” in femtosecond technology.

Why the Femtosecond Laser Matters for Your LASIK Procedure

The femtosecond laser is an extension of your surgeon’s hands. It is used to create the initial corneal flap needed for your LASIK procedure, providing Dr. Henry access to the cornea to reshape it with an excimer laser. The flap creation is the most crucial aspect of your LASIK surgery in regards to your recovery time and avoiding any complications. You should ensure that your surgeon is using the newest generation of state-of-the-art LASIK technology and is an experienced all-laser LASIK surgeon.

Southern Kentucky Eye Center offers LASIK patients the newest LASIK technology with the Z6 Ziemer. The Z6 uses reduced pulse energy to create the flap, meaning little or no inflammation typically occurs. The Z6’s rapid capabilities means a reduced amount of time is needed in which the flap of your eye remain open during your procedure. The LASIK procedure with the Z6 Ziemer is all-laser, painless, and bladeless providing for a rapid visual recovery.

Why the Femtosecond Laser Matters for Your CATARACT Procedure

With FDA approval, laser assisted cataract surgery is now available in Southern Kentucky. In traditional cataract surgery, the initial incision to access your clouded lens is made with a surgical scalpel. With the advent of the Z-6 laser at Southern Kentucky Eye, Dr. Henry first creates a precise surgical plan with a sophisticated 3-D image of your eye called an OCT. Dr. Henry is now able to use this eye map to precisely guide the laser beam to create the initial incision. The laser is then used to soften and break up the clouded lens while preserving the capsule in which your lens resides. A standard replacement lens (single point of focus) or Active Life Lens (multiple points of focus, near and far) is gently placed inside the capsule and the incision typically self-seals with no need of stitches. Laser-assisted cataract surgery typically allows for reduced possibilities of complications and faster healing times.

Dr. Henry’s investment in Ziemer technology continues his commitment to offer his patients the newest, proven technology for refractive vision correction.

All-laser LASIK and laser-assisted Cataract surgery in Somerset is ONLY available at Southern Kentucky Eye Center. Call today with your questions about the Z6 Ziemer laser or contact us here on our website. One of our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.