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Over-40 Vision

A natural condition of aging is a visual change known as presbyopia or over-40 vision. It is a gradual loss of the ability to focus on near objects and is sometimes referred to as “old age vision”. When we are young, the natural lens of the eye is soft and flexible, and the eye muscles are able to stretch or retract the lens easily. As we age, this lens flexibility is reduced, and it become more difficult for us to focus on nearby objects. This often leads to the necessity of reading glasses or bifocals.

A clear lens exchange, or refractive lensectomy, with one of our LifeStyle Lenses restores this flexibility. This replacement lens flexes easily, restoring much of our ability to quickly adjust focus between objects near and far. Most of our Over-40 LifeStyle Lens patients are able to eliminate or dramatically reduce their dependence on readers and bifocals.

Another benefit of having a LifeStyle Lens procedure to correct presbyopia is that any possibility of developing a cataract is completely removed. When your inflexible natural lens is replaced with high end flexible LifeStyle Lens, you will never face the diminished, cloudy vision of cataracts. Nor will you ever need cataract surgery.

Our LifeStyle Lens Procedure allows you the freedom to return to the activities you love with renewed vision.

See our LifeStyle Lens section for more details on the lenses offered.

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