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Cross Eye & Lazy Eye

Esotropia | Cross Eyes

Are you suffering from esotropia? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with this eye condition causing the eyes to point toward each other, resulting in a “cross-eyed” appearance. If you’re tired of dealing with esotropia, Southern Kentucky Eye Center may be able to help. As an ophthalmologist in Somerset, Dr. Henry and Southern Kentucky Eye Center offer esotropia treatment designed to alleviate your embarrassment and your discomfort.

Exotropia | Lazy Eyes

Exotropia, commonly referred to as Lazy Eye, is a muscular condition that causes the eyes to point away from each other. Exotropia can impact your vision, comfort, and self-esteem. If you’re tired of dealing with the effects of exotropia, Southern Kentucky Eye Center may be able to help. We offer treatment options designed to improve your condition and associated quality of life.

Your Eye Care Needs Addressed

As a dedicated ophthalmologist in Somerset, Southern Kentucky Eye Center works tirelessly to offer superior care to patients like you. When you come in to discuss exotropia or any other eye-related problem, Dr. Henry will take the time to answer your questions and discuss your available options for treatment. And as a patient, you’ll benefit from Southern Kentucky Eye Center’s:

  • Convenient office hours
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Warm, caring support staff

Don’t struggle with esotropia or exotropia when help may be available. For more information about treatment or to set up a consultation with Southern Kentucky Eye Center, call today.

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