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VISx Star 4 Laser

Dr. Mark Henry is committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advances in refractive surgery. The VISX Star 4 Laser represents an investment in that commitment. This laser assists your surgeon in performing your LASIK procedure. Dr. Henry has vast experience using the VISX laser and thousands of satisfied patients.

Initially developed for use in high-powered telescopes, VISX now makes laser vision correction pinpoint–precise. With VISX technology we can measure and correct problems with your vision more with improved accuracy and safety.

VISX uses electronic waves to create a 3D map of your unique eyes and then creates a customized correction pattern for your procedure. This means that unlike using glasses or contact lenses – which have a limited amount of lens choices – you end up with a LASIK procedure entirely personalized to your visual needs.

With the VISX system, most patients are able to eliminate their dependency on glasses or contacts.

Their industry and scientific accomplishments include:

  • The widest FDA approval of any laser system worldwide providing superior surgical option for more patients than any other laser platform
  • The highest level of resolution of wavefront refractive error due to the use of Fourier algorithms
  • Active 3-D eye tracking compensates for intraoperative eye movement in all dimensions.
  • Iris Registration (IR) – the laser platform centers and aligns the treatment while compensating for eye rotation. VISX was the first FDA-approved, fully automated, non-contact method of alignment of the correct customized treatment to the corneal site
  • Compensating for pupil migration during physiologic pupil dilation resulting in more accurate laser pulse placement
  • Variable Spot Scanning (VSS): Delivers variable beam sizes from as small as 0.65 mm up to 6.5 mm scanned over the treatment area thereby conserving tissue, optimizing treatment times, reducing corneal drying intra-operatively and reducing adverse thermal load to the delicate corneal tissue
  • Variable Repetition Rate (VRR): VRR delivers treatment at varying repetition rates, optimizing treatment time and reducing the adverse effects of thermal loading of the delicate corneal tissue
  • Conservative tissue removal which is surgeon selectable leading to good residual corneal strength and less risk for corneal weakening
  • Rate of patients needing surgical re-treatment for residual refractive error is one of the lowest in the industry
  • There are more VISX systems used in the United States than all other competing laser platforms. That market dominance continues to increase as AMO-VISX continues to introduce additional advancements and technical innovations.

If you have questions about VISX or the custom LASIK procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can answer your questions. We provide a FREE consultation for patients interested in LASIK.

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